Robert HISCOX & 2012 Rogers Cup Champion Novak DJOKOVIC

Robert HISCOX & 2012 Rogers Cup Champion Novak DJOKOVIC


Robert HISCOX and the Rt Hon Jean Chretien

UN water dinner in Toronto with former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Robert Hiscox and the great one -Wayne Gretzky

Principled Capitalism & Sustainable Economic Development

Since 2008 via Change Group and amongst our other business activities. We have applied our expertise in the energy sector in West Africa to create and build profitable and sustainable solutions for the three great threats that Robert feels face humanity today—pollution, poverty and terrorism. Robert believes that in many developing economies that these threats are intertwined and have a common root which lies in the current models for production, exploration and trade of non renewable resources and the resulting externalities.

Personally and professionally, We have worked in the energy sector to create models and execute programs, fund and raise funding for initiatives that are profitable, efficient, generate economic development and alleviate poverty.

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