Areas of Business

Corporate Advisory / Mergers & Acquisitions

We deliver thoughtful independent advice for complex, sensitive situations. We provide a wide range of financial and strategic services, including M&A activity, spin-offs, private placements, structured products and other transactions. We assist companies in improving their odds of successful M&A through a battle-tested approach that combines acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration.

Financial Advisory

We handle complex and highly confidential situations. We leverage our intellectual capital, unconventional thinking and a problem-solving approach. Our structure enables dynamic strategic adjustments as market circumstance inevitably change.

Private Equity

We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support can drive transformation.

Independent Trading

We trade non-renewable resource commodities on behalf of our partnering governments and entities. We leverage our trading proceeds to create renewable economic development in the regions that we operate.

Real Estate Development

Acting on our own or in partnerships with leading industry innovators, HISCOX Holding Group leverages its development and management expertise to create long term real estate value. HISCOX focuses on acquisitions and development in prime locations.